make your coil last longer pakistan

How to make your coil last longer

Lots of Vape users in Pakistan complain about pod life and coils are burning fast. They also report that they feel no eliquid flavor during inhalation and on exhale. There many factors about vape pods and replaceable coils life and flavour it can produce.

At Vapor92, we assure you to provide best of the original brand products as well as technical information about how to get maximum of your vape and its coils and pods of refillable pod systems and kits.

Here are few factors about how to avoid burning your refillable pods and replaceable coils.

1- Most people who vape in Pakistan do mistake about first use of their favorite pods and coils, they use without doing PRIME. What is coil or pod priming ? Its technically wetting your wick properly and deeply before any use. Normally refillable pod and replaceable coil takes 10 to 15 minutes to get properly wet. If you hit fire button before properly prime, you will get dry hits from your pods and coils. And the wick will get burned and you will get burned taste after that. Thickest component of eliquid or ejuice is VG (vegetable based glycerin). If you are a nicsalt user,normal ratio is 50/50 of VG and PG ( propylene glycol) and eliquid for sub-ohm devices is 70/30 VG/PG ratio. Means breebase e-liquid is more thicker than nicsalt and it will take much to prime your coils and pods wick properly.

2- The second main reason we have notice about burning your coil fast and short pod life. Its is quick/rapid fire without normal delay between puffs. Users who use vape in Pakistan complain about short life of their coils and replaceable pods and they don’t notice what they are doing with their E-cigarettes and vape devices. For better performance and long pod life, never chain puff to your vape and pod devices. Every E-cigarette and vape devices have cotton wick inside to produce vapor while burning itself with e-liquid. When you hit fire button to use your device rapidly without any rest, it reduces the life of your pod. The best way to use your vape device and pod systems, delay firing at least 20 to 30 seconds before next puff. It will cool down your coils and produce better flavor and vapor and enhance its life up to 2x.

3- Another factor in reducing pod and coils life is your device battery condition ! Yes , you read right. It’s your battery condition that also effect on your pod kits pod and vape coil life. Mostly mid-range pod kits and even sub-ohm vapes also comes with built-in batteries. Vapes in Pakistan in low budget range which are very popular like , vaporesso zero pod kit, justfog minifit Max or minifit ultra portable, Uwell caliburn. Such device are built with advanced chip systems that controls voltage from battery to coils for better performance. Normally after few month of use, built-in battery reduces its performance and supply low voltage to coils as compared to original required current. It effects heavily on coil ot pod perfo6and vape user feels they got pods life to an end. In my personal experience with vaporesso Zero pod kit after usage of more than 14 months, built-in battery lost its storing capacity and i feel low vapor and less flavor from almost fresh original zero pod. When i replace same zero pod with another new zero kit, it works like charm. I got perfect flavor rich vapor from same pod.

This is all for now, i will update this for more for our users and people who vape in Pakistan.

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