Top 7 Nic Salt e-liquids in Pakistan 2020

Best Nic Salt Juice

We are providing you the list of Top 7 Nicotine salt juice in Pakistan for the year of 2020. the reason for this post to show you our best-reviewd nic salts. it will help you to determined the best nicotine salt to use.

Though many people say that nic salt is more pleasant than regular e-juice, that doesn’t mean that any product will do. Our clients usually say that nicotine salts are softer and more satisfying than other options, providing more satisfaction per their cost. That said, it’s still important to choose the right brand. These aren’t the only options on the market, but here are several of the nicotine salt brands we know and trust.

Top 7 nicotine salts in Pakistan.

naked100 nicsalt american patriot

Best Tobacco Salt Nic. This brand is based in southern California, and all of their products are manufactured in the United States. They’re known for producing premium nicotine salts, and they pride themselves on providing excellent customer service in addition to pleasing flavor. Naked 100 e-liquids are a product of USA Vape Lab, which regularly receives rave reviews from people all over the world. They publish both their primary and secondary lab results on their website, which allows consumers to buy nicotine salts with greater confidence.

American Patriot nicotine salts took position #1 in our top 7 nicsalts in Pakistan because this tobacco flavor loved by the vape community in Pakistan.

  • Mad Hatter (i love salt)
i love salts mad hatter

Mad Hatter gets great reviews from people in Pakistan who have tried their products, and it isn’t difficult to see why. This brand offers a variety of different nicotine salt flavors, and each one is as appealing as the next. Their juice is of the highest quality, and their products deserve consideration when you’re looking for the best nicotine salt e-liquid on the market. We’re proud to carry several inventories of their flavors. Mad Hatter took position #2 in our top 7 nicsalt in Pakistan list.

  • Solace vapor

Solace vapor nicotine salts lives to give people a different way to experience nicotine. Their products are the result of hundreds of different tests and experiments, and this brand’s entire process is rooted in the scientific examination. The people in Solace’s lab are always looking for ways to provide vapers with nicotine salts that are of the best quality available. This brand even uses technology in a way that they hope will go beyond nicotine delivery and prove itself useful in other applications. Solace Vapor is known for its Tobacco Flavor nicotine salts.

Solace vapor got position #3 in our top 7 nicotine salts in Pakistan for the year of 2020. because its best tobacco salt nic.

  • Aqua nicsalt
aqua salt pakistan

Based in California, AQUA has earned its place among the best e-juice brands. Their flavors come in 60mL and 30ml nicotine salts bottles, which provides people with enough juice to refill their vapes many times. They pride themselves on their fruit flavors, so their products are worth a look if that’s the kind of flavor you’re looking for. not too much for those who want to quit smoking.

Aqua nicotine salts took #4 position in our top 7 nicotine salts in Pakistan.

Tropical berry chew pakistan

IVG are a popular UK manufacturer with an extensive range of flavours including candy, soda, fruit, menthol and dessert blends. IVG nicsalts are not for those who love tobacco, coffee or latte flvors. IVG nicsalts are very popular in Pakistan due to its honey, gum and custard flavors.

IVG got position #5 on our top 7 nicsalts in Pakistan list for 2020.

dry tobacco saltnic pakistan

From humble beginnings, VGOD was founded on the belief that art and creativity can be found in the most unimaginable and even ordinary places. Tricking was born, based on the principle of art, with an ability to personify itself into a lifestyle that can move culture and change the direction of the world around us.

VGOD was in top 3 nicotine salts worldwide in previous years but still VGOD rank higher in Pakistan vape community for its Dry Tobacco, Cubano and Cubano Black flavors as well as Iced series.

VGOD nicotine salts got position #6 on our top 7 nicsalts in Pakistan list for 2020. its best Tobacco Nic salt.

tropical pukka salt pakistan

This fantastic brand features a concentration ratio of 50% VG ( Vegetable Glycerine ) and 50% Mixed PG ( Propylene Glycol ) high-quality food flavorings and Salt nicotine. A perfect blend for MTL ( Mouth To Lung ) vaping!. Pukka nicotine salts getting very popular in Pakistan for its flavors, quality, and decent price tags.

Pukka Juice got #7 on our top 7 nicotine salts in Pakistan for year of 2020. and i hope this will get top position in the coming months.

the above top 7 nicotine salts list for 2020 in Pakistan is based on our own experiment and market analysis by ourselves. if you feel there is any other nicotine salt brand left behind or should be in this list, please comment below for consideration.

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