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5 tips for beginners

The industry of vaping in Pakistan is one of the thriving businesses today, and the number of people, who see vaping as a healthier and safer alternative than smoking continues to grow. If you’re a beginner to vaping in Pakistan, there are some safety tips that you must know.

Buy from a reputable company

If you are looking for a safe device, the first step is to purchase a product from a reputable Vape company. Always go with a known vape brand, read reviews and make the best decision on a trusted brand. Buying from a reputable brand is one of the most important things you can do to prevent any malfunction.

Read the instructions, properly.

A few minutes of reading before you go on with your device, can prevent potentially dangerous situations and can help you maintain your device.

Don’t overheat your atomizer

One of the few mistakes that beginners commit is pushing down the puff button too long. Pressing the puff button for too long can cause your atomizer to overheat. The maximum time taken in pressing the button is only five seconds.
If you notice your atomizer is getting hotter than usual, replace the cartomizer and set aside the one you are using to cool off or set your device down for a break.

Avoid contact with water

The e-cigarette is an electronic device, so the basic principle that an electronic circuit that comes in contact with water can cause it to malfunction. Keep your device away from water, if you want to extend its life.
But just in case your battery gets saturated with water, cease use. Either take it to a recycling station or return it to the supplier.

Use the right charger

Use the manufacturer’s provided charger; it is one of the most efficient ways to avoid any internal malfunctioning of your device.

Don’t overcharge your device

The batteries used in e-cigarettes are far more powerful as compared to other electronic devices. Overcharging can damage your battery; can lead to overheating and eventually to an explosion.

Clean your battery

Regularly cleaning the battery of your device will keep it functioning properly. If you can’t manage it daily, clean your battery weekly. The unclean battery blocks the connection point and decreases the performance of electronic cigarette. Battery cleaning is easy! You just need a cotton bud, sewing needle or tissue to gently clean the gunk off.

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